Me and my cattery
The person behind Feliformia cattery is I, Matilda. I've lived with cats since childhood and today I'm an ethologist and a writer working with feline behavioral and nutritional issues in my own business PaleoCat.

Previously I bred Devon Rexes under the cattery name Cerridwen but when I switched registering body I had to change the name. My current TICA registred catter prefix is Feliformia.

The year of 2000 was the year the first Devon Rex entered my home, my life and since then I'm stuck. I started breeding in 2003 and I have no plans on stopping. I run a small cattery here in Gothenburg where I live with my husband, our two children and our three cats. The cats live indoors with the family as is the norm here in Sweden and I usually raise no more than one litter a year.

Health, type and temperment are all important in my breeding program. Currently I don't show any cats, but hopefully that'll change in the near future.

Of course I only use healthy cats in my breeding program. They're all thoroughly vet checked as kittens and as adults and I scan their hearts on a regular basis. I also run other tests when I think need be. I strive for cats with a balanced type. Indeed the Devon Rex is a breed with extreme features but I don't want to overdo it since I don't want to risk any congenital health problems due to the anatomy/physiology of the cat.

I generally try to keep my cats healthy by minimizing stress at home i. e. having few cats, keeping them stimulated, making sure they're loved and well fed. The food I choose in order to keep them in excellent physical condition is homemade raw food.

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